We Double Dog Dare You

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"Remember putting on a pair of skinny jeans after a decade of bootleg? Or how about colorblocking for the first time? Though these trends might seem like no-brainers now, it took a bit of guts back then to try 'em— and these eight spring '13 trends will require you to muster that same chutzpah once again

Though you may have sworn you would never wear certain items, we're asking you to lay down your prejudices for this slideshow and come at it with an open mind. With the right styling, the appropriate pieces, and an infectious confidence, you could be the first among your friends to wear a detachable peplum, a cropped palazzo, or — yes, gulp — even a Birkenstock-style sandal."


Cropped Palazzo Pants — You've mastered the palazzo pant by now, and now it's time to take it to the next level. Whether in a soft, flowing fabric or a more stiff texture, cropped palazzo pants are an avant-garde '90s throwback that look so chic with lace-up oxfords. Keep the volume exaggerated with a billowing, oversized top as well.

Tunics Over Pants — It was rare to see a show this fall Fashion Week that didn't show a dress-over-pants look. Get ahead of the curve by pairing a short tunic with a cropped pant in a similar color. 

Short-Sleeved Sweatshirts — Practicality aside, the shape could seem as challenging as figuring out a climate where you'd need something short but warm. However, these sweatshirts are lightweightand structured, which means they won't make you sweat but will keep things cool-looking. Wear them with skinny jeans or a flippy skirt, but don't tuck it in! You'll want clean, smooth, shell-like lines, and bunching the fabric will only make the shirt look sloppy.

Wide Stripes — You might feel like a referee or the Hamburglar at first, but wide stripes can be devastatingly cool. Wear them in thick fabrics and simply cut shapes and pair them with solid-colored staples, like in this Topshop example. If you can somehow swing a flash of skin (in the form of a high slight, a low neck, or a cropped hemline), do it!

Birkenstock-Style Sandals — We started sniffing out this trend at the turn of 2013, upon hearing that multiple shops and department stores were seeking out styles similar the under-loved German sandal. And then when two of our senior editors placed an order for gloss-white 'stocks...well, let's just say that if we don't see them clomping around this summer, we'll eat our hats. Wear them with structured, fashion-forward pieces so you're more Comme des Garçons than Coldwater Creek. 


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