Wear them High, Wear them Right.

One trend that we seem to notice and absolutely promote is the high waist shorts. Whether they are distressed denim or polyester and polished, high waist shorts don't seem to be a disappearing trend. Ever since last Summer it seems like. I personally used to feel like I couldn't pull of the look because I have such a short torso and long legs, but with the help of Wendy Nguyen, amazing blogger and creator of Wendy's Lookbook I was able to throw together some chic ensembles that included my high waist shorts. 

Be prepared to have some knowledge dropped on ya! 

Look 1: Date Night
"For my first look, I wanted to contrast the delicate blue color of the shorts with darker pieces. The subtle pattern of the the sheer stripes adds an element of surprise, and the bows on the heels make it a little more feminine." 

Look 2: Weekend Ready
"For this look, I honestly was inspired by The Smurfs! Since we're transitioning into spring, I found comfort in being bundled up in an oversized fuzzy sweater. And, because the light-blue hues are cooler in tone, I wanted to complement them with silver accessories." 

Look 3: Running Errands
"This outfit is all about celebrating spring — between the floral print and trench coat, I adore this seasonally appropriate look!" 

What's the trick to pulling off high-waisted bottoms? 
"Depending on your comfort level, I find that balancing the length of high-waisted shorts with a shorter hemline will produce leg-lengthening effects. You can't be shy, that's for sure! I actually wore this look during a very busy day of meetings, coffee runs, and a blog shoot with a dear friend of mine — they're so versatile."

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