Dress Yourself 5 lbs. Slimmer...Whaaat???

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great Easter vacation. I know we did over here at Closet Freak, even though sometimes it didn't feel like vacation! All about that hustle hustle right now. But we are back to the schedule and grind. 

So let's talk about trends, I know that we all fall into them. But one of my fashion idols Tim Gunn gives some advice about certain trends that we should be careful about when trying them out., even if they are spread all over the runway. Mostly because we could dressing ourselves to look like we weigh more than we actually do! Check out these four looks that could be a no-no for your body and decide for yourself. Tweet us your opinions at @theclosetfreak or tweet me personally @xolyssalo Don't forget to include hashtag #blogtalk :) 

The Capri Pant

"The pant that cuts you off at the largest part of your calf. It makes you look visually shorter, unless you are long and lean. When you add cargo capri pockets to that, you're not only shorter, but wider."

Floral Print

"Very on trend this season, so it's a dicey slope. If you're petite, or not an 8, 10, or 12; if you're larger than that, it get's dicey. Because they can overwhelm you. It depend on the scale of the floral that you wear."

Mid Calf Hem Skirts

"An instant root to matron style. Mary Poppins was probably much slimmer than she appeared. All because her mid length skirt."

Over-sized Clothing (MY personal weakness. Oops.)

"The more volume our clothes have, the more volume we have. Plain and simple. Women thing that wearing all these clothes is a way to hide what they're not proud of, but it doesn't work that way. AND the same is true with black. Black by no definition is slimming."

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