Let the Festivities Begin

Newport — Folk, country, bluegrass fans? This isyour jam.

Coachella — The most commercial of the bunch, Coachella is part music festival, part party hopping, and part street-style scene.

Electric Daisy Carnival — You like music served with a drop? Dislike wearing shirts? You might want to head to Vegas this summer...

Pitchfork — If Pitchfork.com is permanently open on your desktop, you'll probably make a stop to Chicago this summer. Bonus points for mentally assigning ratings in your head after each set.

The Gathering — Spanning hip-hop, metal, and more, The Gathering of the Juggalos may be the most misunderstood and fascinating music festival around. Prepare to leave covered in a film of dried Faygo and face paint.

Burning Man — For serious campers and festivalgoers only, Burning Man's no-commerce culture is the stuff of legend. Bring with you: glow sticks, provisions, water. Leave at home: most of your clothing.

Glastonbury — The one festival where "dancing in the rain" is nearly almost an hourly occurance.

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