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I saw this article on Refinery 29 and had to share it with you guys. Because I am a blogger and take outfit pictures, I sometimes may try out what I think is a cute pose in my head, but it doesn't translate that way at all on camera. Whether you are a model or not, it is important to always be photogenic so you are always picture ready! Check out these tips!!! 

"In front of a camera lens can be an intimidating place to be. We freeze up, are totally caught off guard, and sometimes, our inspired ensembles just read as wacky when seen in hi-res. Trust, we can fill an album or two with all our rookie-supermodel moments. 

But, thankfully, taking a great picture is hardly an impossible feat. In fact, with a few super-easy adjustments you can take any impromptu snap from amateur hour to totally Facebook-, frame-, and online-dating-profile worthy. Ditch the cheesy poses and stop trying to blend in — these nine foolproof tricks will make you look like a natural in front of the camera…even if you're not."

Wear A Blue-Red Lipstick — The right shade of lip color can make your teeth look whiter. Look for blue-red lipsticks, or dab on a sheer blue gloss over your regular color. Your smile will look instantly brighter. Magic!

Work The Angle — There's nothing wrong with a full-frontal smile, but a universal and handy trick is to tilt your chin at an angle. Be sure to keep a long, swan-like neck while pointing your chin down slightly. It's a small adjustment but can make a major difference.

Fabrics Matter — Don't wear something that easily shows wrinkles or your undergarment lines (VPLs included). Thick, structured pieces are generally your best bet.

Stand Out — Neutral shades are lovely but when you're in a photo (especially with a sea of friends), you may begin to blend in. Pick a bold-colored graphic print in a clean shape and really stand out in a crowd.

Remember Your Blush — Everyone benefits from a little color in her cheeks, especially when a camera flash is involved. A cream or matte blush will make you look healthier, but avoid glitters and shimmers — they'll catch more of the light and look less natural.

Sign Of The Cross — Popping a knee, while comfortable, can break up the length of your leg. To create an extended line, cross the ankles and point the toe at an angle creating catwalk-ready, long gams.

Keep It Moving — Make sure your pose is not too stiff or placed. Relax your limbs and feel free to let your body sway (walk, pivot, dance, etc.) to hit a stance that looks natural and at ease.

Sit Smartly — When you're being snapped while sitting down, be conscious of the placement of your legs. Turn your knees to the angle to avoid awkward stances, give your body some shape, and make your legs look longer, even if you're in (or on) a booth.


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