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 "It might have been oxblood...or maybe neon pink. Or, perhaps it was tangerine tango, seafoam green, orcerulean that really drove you out of the world of neutrals. Whatever hue it was, the power of a provocative color can't be denied. For instance, think about how discovering oxblood totally revolutionized the way you coordinated your work outfits, or how finding neons totally changed your accessorizing game. 

Okay, sure, there was plenty of black, white, and brown on the most recent fall runways — but there was also a rainbow of color trends to get excited about. Ahead, nine new hues that are as good as oxblood (if not better!)."

Baby Blue — On modern-cut pieces like leather vests or moto jackets, this hue of blue is completely striking. And on gowns? Cinderella definitely had the right idea. 

Burnt Orange — This warm color makes a great neutral. Not quite brown but not quite a neon, burnt orange is a great foundation for colorblocking and looks so chic in a textured fabric like suede or tweed. 

Canary Yellow — This bright yellow is definitely more challenging to wear confidently, but women with very pale and very dark skin tones will rock this hue. For those still a little hesistant, start small with a skinny belt or bag — it'll still make a big impact! 

Cranberry Red — This is what we think spring's version of oxblood will be. Still universally flattering and sophisticated, it's a color that's so unobtrusive that it's nearly a neutral — and that's a good thing.


Eggshell — This creamy off-white color is "colorful" enough to wear without getting wedding-dress vibes and definitely holds up to dirt and stains a lot better than a true white. We love this color on severely cut shift dresses, shorts, and sweatshirts. 

Powder Pink — This version of pale pink is a little more acidic than we've seen in the past (as far as pale pinks can be acidic). We love them in covered-up retro throwbacks like car coats and cropped trousers, but they can also be a surprisingly grown-up color to choose when it comes to nighttime looks. 

Ruby — Midway between a plum and a red, this color looks best in large, bold swaths, either in a knee-length tea dress or a striking short.

Bottle Green — This type of deep, rich, saturated green looks just as good with blacks and metallics as it does with browns and tans. Complementary against nearly any skin tone, this is definitely a color that'll get you compliments. 

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