Swimsuit Survival Guide

Small Chest — If you're looking to give your bust a little boost, a bit of padding or push up can go a long way. But, we say, instead of stuffing your top to the point of discomfort, go for frilly cuts that will add volume just as well. Ruffles, fringe, or an oversized bow, like this one, are the perfect add-ons.

Apple — We love a good optical illusion — especially when it comes to flattering fashion. Some may see florals and black stripes in this pretty one-piece, but we see a genius solution to slim down the width of your middle. Magic Eye, move over! 

Botticelli Babe— For any fuller shapes, a wrapped fit can do wonders to flatter your every angle. Be sure to choose a suit that allows you to show off your best assets — such as a halter that frames your shoulders or a slight sweetheart neck if you're up for a bit of cleavage — while the strategic twisting will give you an instant hourglass shape.

Ballerina —Whether you were a childhood tennis prodigy or still quite haven't figured out how to toss a frisbee, your shape is inherently lean and athletic. So, play up your sporty side in a surf-inspired suit.

Busty — The trick to ensuring the right fit is to look for brands that cut for your specific bra size. And Jimenez agrees: "Bra style tops with underwire and adjustable straps are great for providing bust support." Plus, try a flirty, skirted bottom if you're not as curvy in your hips as you are in your bust — this will balance your proportions perfectly.

Boyish — So, you weren't born with curves, no problem. Faking them — even in swimwear — is not an impossible feat. Jimenez says that monokinis with thicker sides and triangle tops can add the appearance of a few curves to an otherwise linear frame.

Short Torso — Choosing a bottom that sits low down on your hips is an easy way to elongate your torso. When it comes to tops, opt for interesting prints instead of embellishments and ruffles — err on the side of minimal, as you don't want to cover up the majority of your already short upper half.

Petite and Compact — Tiny frames don't necessarily have to go for a tiny two-piece, however, string bikinis do work particularly well. The adjustable sides and top will allow you to fit the suit to your body, as opposed to other options that might not quite tighten enough.

The Pear — It may seem like a no-brainer to go for more coverage if you tend to carry most of your weight in your hips, but if you're looking to flatter your derrière, the opposite is true, as well. A higher-cut bottom can make your legs look longer and leaner. Plus, with a deep-V cut that draws the eyes upward, says Jimenez, you'll also be able to balance the attention to your bootylicious bottom.

Swimmer's Shoulders — It should go without saying that swimmer's shoulders would, obviously, look pretty amazing in any swimsuit. But, to really flatter your strong shoulders and décolletage, go for a style that has an asymmetric cut. The slanted neckline will slim down the shoulder width, while showing off toned arms that your fellow beach goers will envy.

Short Legs — Go for a high-waist brief in a classic bikini-bottom cut. This shape will lengthen your legs by raising the rise of your waist, and the retro fit is an instantly flattering silhouette all around — whether you're shaped like Marilyn or not. 

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