Summer Outfits

 "Is there anything as sweet as that first step out of your office doors on a Friday afternoon? That happy-hour margarita is a quick cab ride away, your friends have already claimed a prime spot on the outdoor balcony, and you've got two precious whole days all to yourself before you've got to put on your money-makin' pants and head back to work. 

So, don't waste these golden moments with threadbare jorts and that ribbed tank you've been meaning to get rid of. Really go for it during the weekends with outfits that are as full of optimism and adventure as your schedule — which means piling on the color, laying it on with the prints, and making sure your shoes are chic but won't give you blisters (because is there anything more miserable than blisters on a weekend?). To help, we've concocted three outfit combinations and three examples of each — that's nine complete outfits that'll help you make the most of your lil' break from reality."

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